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On the face of it, one might not look at insurance as the most glamorous industry, but then again it offers stability and growth to those who opt for this profession as a part-time or full-time job.


The best part about getting into the insurance sector is there is no right age to start. 


You could be a retiree looking to make some good money, a housewife who wants to utilize her time constructively, or working professional who wants to earn extra cash – with a systematic approach everyone can succeed in insurance.

Become a premier Life Insurance Consultant

Unlimited Income,

International conventions & more...

Becoming a    life insurance consultant is one of the most sought after careers that we have today.

Why become a life insurance consultant?

The insurance sector is fairly recession-proof, as these companies are usually fiscally conservative. Always remember that people need life insurance regardless of whether the economy is up or down.


Becoming a life insurance advisor is one of the most inspired career choices that you can make today.  Aside from helping other people achieve financial security, you have flexible hours, rewarding compensation, and opportunities to travel the world for free. More than that, you become part of an organization that values integrity, excellence, and the welfare of their clients.


There is no greater gift that helping people achieve financial freedom, which in turn heaps rewards on yourself too. It essentially guides you towards your own success and lets you explore the full potential of your skills.  As you take on the role of a financial advisor part time job or full time job, it opens up opportunities that might not be available in other career fields. Apart from offering valuable advice to clients, you get to reap personal rewards thanks to a successful career, such as virtually unlimited earnings, flexibility to work as per your convenience, and have complete control over your practice.

Excellent Commissions

Did you know life insurance sales offer the largest commissions in the entire insurance industry? In addition to high commissions, some life insurance companies advance their agents six to 12 months of commission on a policy rather than making them take it as earned.


Once you get the flow of how things are supposed to work, you can wrack up quite a lot of commissions on a monthly basis.

Passive Income

Commissions you earn on life insurance policies are not just limited to the first year – you will keep getting paid till the policy is in effect.


Your commission percentage on a policy drops after the first year, but you keep earning 5% to 7% as long as the policyholder pays his premium. This is passive income that requires absolutely no work and is as easy as pie, once you secure the policy.


If you persevere in this field, you will be rewarded immensely with renewal commissions. Many life insurance agents who have been in the business 10 years or more have enough renewal commissions built up to make an excellent living without ever having to sell a new policy.

Unlimited  Potential

As a part time or full time life insurance advisor, there is actually no limit on how much you can earn – as mentioned above, the more you sell, the better commissions and passive income you earn.


The financial services industry employs the vast majority of advisers on a commission basis, meaning income is based on the amount of new business or recurring revenue created each year. Payout rates and bonus structures will vary depending upon the firm, but generally advisors can earn as much as they are able to.

Flexible Work Schedules

At times, it could become really problematic balancing personal and professional lives, especially if you wish to start a new career. The first few weeks of being a life insurance adviser can be challenging, but once you establish a steady client base, the work hours become more flexible. Seasoned advisers have the advantage of scheduling client meetings around their personal calendars, and over time, have the opportunity to work less than a full 40-hour week. 


Housewives will find this option particularly lucrative as it allows them to complete chores, run errands, and get an opportunity to make money during their free time.

Dynamic Industry

You might have an image of insurance as a stuffy and bureaucratic industry but that is a very wrong picture indeed. In fact, insurance is a dynamic industry where innovation and development of new ideas and products is highly appreciated. Technology and innovation are now at the very heart of the industry and there is plenty of room for young people with a “can-do” attitude to change the way things are done.

How to get started?

There is no fixed educational background required for this kind of job.  In many cases, agents can qualify for jobs with only a high school diploma, but some employers prefer a college degree. Completing a degree in business or management, for example, can be good preparation for a career in insurance sales, because graduates will be familiar with principles of marketing, economics, and finance.


A pre-licensing training course is required, but that is funded by the company you are associated with – it lasts for a few days. Students in pre-licensing courses learn about insurance ethics, different types of insurance policies, and their state’s laws as they apply to the type of insurance they want to sell.

Future as a life insurance   consultant

Becoming a financial adviser is an amazing profession for someone who wishes to go down a new career path, is on the brink of retirement, looking for an extra source of income, etc.


Everyone has faced financial challenges in some form or other in their lives, and this experience is what makes you valuable as a life adviser as you can truly empathize with clients.

Recognition and Rewards

Who doesn’t like to be recognized for their work? What is really exciting is being recognized for your sales goals. You can become an MDRT Agent (million dollar round table) if you earn commission of INR 9-10 lakhs approximately(please click here to know the exact requirement)  in one calendar year.  If you earn three times the MDRT amount you are considered a COT agent (Court of Table) and six times the MDRT amount is TOT Agent (top of table).


These recognition are highly esteemed and can earn you an invitation to the annual MDRT Convention usually happens in USA/CANADA. The great thing about the annual convention is that you get a first look at some great innovation and you get to meet with other MDRT agents all around the world to see what they are doing that might help improve your business

For more information about how you can become a life insurance advisor, please get in touch via the contact form below.   

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